Iva Kaufman Associates
provides clients with a strategic and venturesome approach to social responsibility and sustainability, philanthropy, and nonprofit management.


Iva Kaufman Associates


IKA provides those who wish to begin philanthropic giving as an individual the chance to do so with vision and purpose. Iva Kaufman can help you define the areas of importance to you and find trustworthy initiatives through an extensive base of contacts, so that you can leave a legacy as a leader in the area that speaks most closely to you.


IKA creates an opportunity for families to pursue their areas of interest through constructive channels that leave an impact on their communities. We provide the research, tools and education to support generations of giving with positive effects on their areas of interest.


IKA assists Foundation clients through operational support in special program areas as well as for the overall organization. We have guided organizations through capacity building in new programs, finding funding and determining the most effective way to advance ideas into realities.


IKA works with organizations who allocate the shared funding of givers, all with a particular interest in one program area, to find appropriate projects or organizations for investment. With a clear vision of expectations, our team institutes a stylized approach to align mission with result oriented programs.