Iva Kaufman Associates
provides clients with a strategic and venturesome approach to social responsibility and sustainability, philanthropy, and nonprofit management.

We facilitate cross-disciplinary collaboration, create and implement opportunities for social impact, nurture cross- cultural and inter-generational dialogue, and promote human rights learning as a means to achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goals for 2030.

Iva Kaufman Associates

CLIENTS & Partners

21cc Education21cc Education
Provides engaging e-learning modules through the 21CC App that simplify complex concepts and provide continuous learning for blue-collar workers.

Learn language through stories: Bilingual ebooks and lessons teach Spanish, Mandarin, and English literacy (phonics included!)

Dugu MetricsDugu Metrics leverages regenerative agriculture techniques to maximize greenhouse gas reduction & removal credits while building capacity for small farmers to improve productivity and benefit their landscapes.

GreenBond AdvisorsGreenBond Advisors Financing the transition to renewable energy. GreenBond Advisors was created to deliver financial product innovation into the Green Bond market with new Green Bond products that enable risk-averse investment capital to be more easily directed into new, renewable energy infrastructure development.  

Innovative Packaging SolutionsInnovative Packaging Solutions IDC is a game-changing packaging design and development company that creates cutting edge packaging solutions for the food and beverage industries.

Community Venture Partners

Nomadic OZ
Nomadic OZ
Invest in Main Street, Not Wall Street

BrainSavers BrainSavers, Inc. Because Gray Matters - Delivering a Healthy Lifestyle Offering Seniors Brain+Body Fitness and Active Lifestyle Training In Class, at Home or on Screen

CytokindCytokind - Harnessing the power of light to strengthen the immune systemin a value-based care model. Leaders in UVB Light Research and Associated Blood Analysis to treat immune disorders.

Cytokind’s team includes pre-eminent scientific innovators, entrepreneurs, world-class researchers, and drug discovery visionaries who are leaders in UVB light research and associated blood analysis to treat immune disorders.

These esteemed thinkers and innovators will help us on our path to discover new methods of treatment and drug discovery to address the critical needs of patients in the US and around the world.

Mitre MedicalMitre Medical Placing Innovation in the hands of your Surgeon. Mite Medical is an early stage medical device company developing the Mitral Touch®, a less invasive and safer approach to treat mitral valve regurgitation (MR) and remodel the left ventricle (LV) in patients with moderate to severe MR.

Community Venture Partners

Nomadic OZ
Nomadic OZ
Invest in Main Street, Not Wall Street

Before We Die PodCast Before We Die A Med-Tech Podcast. Follows the stories of the brave, audacious and stubbornly persistent problem solving gizmologists from the Med-Tech world. Join us as top doctors, scientists, bio-designers and entrepreneurs, share the stories of unimaginable successes and heartbreaking failures as they strive to bring their life-saving technology and diagnostic innovations to the patients who need them the most.

OffScripHealth logoOffScripHealth - Healthcare is too complex. We’re here to make it simple. Co-Founded by 25-year cancer survivor Matthew Zachary, Founder of Stupid Cancer and one of the most respected, influential, and visionary voices in healthcare, OffScrip Health is the first patient engagement company focused on audio as a transformational medium to improve patient outcomes.

Realize the unique giving potential of each donor with each solicitation. Behavioral Economics Modeling and Artificial Intelligence - evolving together to continuously learn and optimize nonprofit fundraising. 

Their mission is to protect the planet’s most exceptional impact organizations. They want to ensure our planet is around for future generations.

ReachScale LogoReachScale - began with two questions: 1) Why are there no globally scaled social enterprises? With thousands of awards, fellowships, grants, investments and competitions, not one social enterprise has become a household name. 2) Can a network be built that identifies the social enterprises that should be scaled and then assist in scaling them globally? That is their work, to make that happen.

JDRF and the Mary Tyler Moore & S. Robert Levine, MD Charitable Foundation
A Moonshot initiative to restore vision.

Bio design, wellness, improving health outcomes