Iva Kaufman Associates
provides clients with a strategic and venturesome approach to social responsibility and sustainability, philanthropy, and nonprofit management.


Iva Kaufman Associates

Board Development

IKA can provide your nonprofit with the right people to expand, re-focus or give authority to your organization.

Nonprofits are an essential part of building a better world. In order for them to be effective it is essential to have board members that can be trusted to lead them in the right direction. By building a credible board that has knowledge and experience,  an organization will have a focused set of activities and make decisions guided to best practices for achieving goals.

With our help, your board can have individuals suited specifically to your needs with insights and clout to move your organization forward.

Financial Development

Even an organization that is well managed, innovative and exceptionally productive can run into financial obstacles. At IKA, we are dedicated to helping your organization thrive.

Through engaging new sources of funding, creating wide support of programs and organizations and building collaborative relationships, we are here to gain financial support. Our efforts allow all those who are enacting change to continue to do so.

We have experience in finding resources to scale projects, create new programs and provide support to the organization overall.

Organizational Development

If your mission is clear but you are having difficulty expanding operations or managing the progress you have already made, IKA will be able to provide you with the tools to create a more manageable organization.

Marketing and Communications

When you have achieved goals and impacted lives, the world should know. The possibilities of a wider and more effective reach are constantly developing through channels in marketing and communications. By creating a presence in the online world and in events, your organization opens opportunities to collaborate, create funding and grow the number of lives changed by your efforts. IKA uses its strategic partnerships to give its clients access to possibilities in these fields that they would be unable to achieve on their own.

Special Events

Using the combined efforts of the team, IKA can plan, organize and publicize events. Whether it is a fundraiser, conference or another type of event, we are able to accommodate requests.