Iva Kaufman Associates
provides clients with a strategic and venturesome approach to social responsibility and sustainability, philanthropy, and nonprofit management.

We facilitate cross-disciplinary collaboration, create and implement opportunities for social impact, nurture cross- cultural and inter-generational dialogue, and promote human rights learning as a means to achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goals for 2030.

Iva Kaufman Associates


Alliance InstituteAlliance Institute's mission is to provide individuals, families, and organizations with the skills and information necessary for them to fully participate in the decision making processes that affect them in their homes, neighborhoods and communities.

The American Sustainable Business CouncilThe American Sustainable Business Council (ASBC) is a non-profit, non-partisan organization dedicated to establishing an economy based on a triple bottom line: social justice, economic prosperity, and environmental protection. Seeking change through advocacy campaigns for policy makers, education for the public and partnering with other organizations, ASBC seeks IKA to strengthen campaign strategy and support the implementation, to recruit new members, and ensure that diversity and inclusion is fully developed into the framework of the ASBC's overall organization.

Arts for IndiaArts for India promotes and supports the education of young student artists at the International Institute of Fine Arts (IIFA) located in Modinagar, India. Arts for India makes it possible for deserving artists to achieve their nascent potential with guidance and training from an outstanding faculty and first rate tuition and mentoring on campus. AFI is nurturing India’s deserving artists of the future.

T SalonT Salon has served and donated their teas throughout the years to breast cancer awareness, ovarian cancer foundations, and heart health foundations. They support events in the public interest from Donna Karan's Urban Zen and the Clinton Global Initiative to encounters with the Dali Lama; they service spas and yoga centers, TED Talks and conferences, and hotels and Bed & Breakfasts.

Guide to Impact InvestingGuide to Impact Investing provides a pragmatic set of guidelines, concrete tools, personal stories, and examples aimed to help those interested in managing their wealth for impact and profit to develop and implement such strategies successfully and to do the most good.

Pro Bono

Green World Campaign The Green World Campaign works to reforest our planet, raise the living standards of the rural poor, and combat global climate change.

Earth CelebrationsEarth Celebrations' Vagai River Pageant and Restoration Project